Rusty Relic is a Potato Cutter

| July 2009

John Deere Hoover potato seed cutter

A restored John Deere Hoover seed potato cutter, as seen at a 2007 show in Pennsylvania.

Leonard Keifer

I’ve written to Jim Luke, who wrote a letter to the editor (Farm Collector, May 2009, “A John Deere Hoover?”) to tell him that what he has is a seed potato cutter. Potatoes were placed over the blades and the foot pedal was pushed down, causing the fingers to push the potatoes through the blades. Cut potato pieces fell down the chute into a bucket. I’ve included a picture of a restored John Deere Hoover cutter I saw at a show in Pennsylvania in 2007.

Leonard Keifer
Gaithersburg, Md.

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