Looking for Photo of Rare Salesman’s Sample

| 9/17/2012 1:34:03 PM

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The Barre Historical Society would like to acquire a photo of a salesman’s sample of a full-sized New England Champion sulky rake built by Chas. G. Allen Co., Barre, Mass.


This photo shows a few parts of the 1/8-scale model. The wheels would be about 6 inches in diameter. We don’t know how many models were made, probably only five or six. Upward of 1,000 rakes were built from 1882 to 1905. If anyone has such a model or a full-sized rake, please advise if we can acquire photos.

Charlie Allen, PO Box 488, Barre, MA  01005; phone: (978) 355-4823; email: lucyiallen@yahoo.com 

Steve Ortega
1/25/2013 3:38:29 AM

Does anybody know where I can get info on a tiller,Roto-Hoe/model 99 that is lime green,all original,made by Pioneers of America.It is a rear-mounted tiller.What is its value?I found it in Michigan.Thanking you ahead.E-mail me at /chico _40@q.com.