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Mystery Solved March 2014 Mystery Tool Answers

Reader Contribution by Farm Collector Staff

March 2014 Mystery Tools A

Pipe puller used in water well repair. Identified by Loren Lindsay, Mankato, Minn.; Stephen Clemens, Mazeppa, Minn.; Robert Scholz, Elmo, Mo.; Milo Harpstead, Stevens Point, Wis. “This was used in conjunction with a gripping tool on the pump platform to hold the next pipe while the pulled section was removed,” Milo explains. “Usually there was a windmill tower and the pipe was in 20-foot sections. A pulley installed in the tower was used to lift the pipe. This activity helped me to overcome a fear of heights. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota where the ground water was fairly deep and keeping a supply of water for the cattle required plenty of well maintenance. However, hauling water that had been dipped from a creek by hand with a bucket into what had been the tender for the steam engine was not a fun job either.” Photo submitted by Nate Grossman via email.

March 2014 Mystery Tools B

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Eric Miller, Mooreland, Ind.

March 2014 Mystery Tool C

McCormick-Deering basin lister for use on the 151 corn lister, 152 cotton lister and the 153 Wheatland lister. Identified by Jim McGhee, Hollandale, Wis.; Alfred Holscher, Elwood, Neb.; Stephen Clemens; Bill Reedy, Brandon, Iowa; Ray Dias, Hughson, Calif. “From what I can gather, this machine produced ditches next to your planted rows to prevent erosion,” Jim McGhee says, citing the 1940 International Harvester Domestic General Catalog No. 40. “The notched discs at the back covered the seed and at each revolution of the wheels,” Bill Reedy says. “The heavy lugs clamped on each wheel would lift them out of the ground, creating periodic small dams in the furrow for erosion control.” Photo submitted by Ed Sloan, Tipton, Ind.

March 2014 Mystery Tool D

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Jack Harris, Mt. Brydges, Ontario, Canada.

March 2014 Mystery Tool E

Automobile wheel lock. Identified by David Ruark, Pomeroy, Wash.; Fred Space, Sussex, N.J. See patent D57,729. Photo submitted by Roy Baldwin, Sterling, Alaska.

  • Published on Apr 15, 2014
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