Mystery Solved: March 2016 Mystery Tool Answers

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March 2016 Mystery Tool A

Column clamp, used to clamp together materials such as panels of a column or post, or staves of a tank. Identified by Bob Wittersheim, Saline, Michigan, and Henry Schoppmann, Walkill, New York. See patent no. 727,651. Photo submitted by Bob Wittersheim, Saline, Michigan.

Patent no. 727,651: Column clamp. Patent granted May 12, 1903, to Andrew A. Loetscher, Dubuque, Iowa.

March 2016 Mystery Tool B

Storage battery tool used to remove cable from the top post of batteries. Center point pressed down on the post while the side arms lifted the cable clamp. Identified by Earl Nelson, Crocker, Missouri. See patent 1,521,786. Photo submitted by Jeff and Tina Doner, Van Wert, Ohio.

Patent no. 1,521,786: Storage battery tool. Patent granted Jan. 6, 1925, to Clarence E. Moss, Ponca City, Okla.

March 2016 Mystery Tool C

Unidentified; possibly an animal hobble. Photo submitted by Erwin Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vermont.

March 2016 Mystery Tool D

Hook for a pea or scale weight (the weight or pea is missing from the piece shown). Identified by B.Z. Cashman, Blue Ridge, Georgia, and David Yakaboski, Riverhead, New York. “As pictured, the hook on the left is flattened on the inside to rest in notches of a steelyard type scale,” B.Z. says. “The eye on the right end would normally be closed to hold the pea. The knob at center is to make it easier to lift weight when using the scale.” Photo submitted by George Lazzo, Mars, Pennsylvania.

March 2016 Mystery Tool E

Crepe paper crimper. Identified by Robert Scholz, Elmo, Missouri, and B.Z. Cashman. Photo submitted by Frank Tolford, Evanston, Illinois.

March 2016 Mystery Tool F

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Henry J. Herickhoff, Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

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