Mystery Solved: September 2014 Mystery Tool Answers

| 11/14/2014 8:46:00 AM

September 2014 Mystery Tool A

Mystery Tool E from the September 2014 Issue of Farm Collector

A. Unidentified. A craftsman appears to have altered this hammer, adding the awl for an unknown specific purpose. Stephen Clemens, Mazeppa, Minnesota, and Stan Seevers, Argenta, Illinois, believe it to be an awl for stitching items like horse collars. Photo submitted by Mike Philipsheck, Gold Beach, Oregon.

September 2014 Mystery Tool B

B. Portable post drill and portable hand drill that could be used to drill holes at a job site. Identified by Ted Johnson, Granite Falls, Minnesota; Gailey Henderson, Williamstown, West Virginia; Maurice L. Hooks, Silverdale, Washington; Ken Smith, Marshalltown, Iowa; Stephen Clemens; Jim Bolt, Corsica, South Dakota; and Stan Seever. “This portable blacksmith’s drill press (hand drill press) uses tapered square shank metal drills,” Maurice says. “One turn-wheel at the base positions the table and the other, near the crank, preloads the drill and is turned as the drill hole deepens to keep a constant pressure on the drill bit. A handy tool in the machine shop when items are too large to put into a standard drill press.” May be related to patent 1,242,029. Photo submitted by Larry Shulda, Waco, Texas.