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Tractor Umbrella by Heritage Farm Power

By the Farm Collector staff

Keep cool in the shade with a tractor umbrella or an umbrella for your vintage combine, parade trailer or golf cart.

Owens Bean and Pea Threshers

By Bill Vossler

Owens bean and pea threshers hint at once-significant harvests in Minnesota.

Ancient Principles Drive Mechanical Advantage

By Sam Moore

As complicated as some farm machinery is, it all comes down to combinations of levers working together to make farm work more efficient.

Empty Fuel Can Threw a Wrench in the Works

Clyde Eide

A reader recalls when a fuel can found its way into a Case separator and ruined the morning of its meticulous owner.


Making Deliveries with Dad in a Divco Truck

Timothy W. Sarver

An article brings back memories of a father’s Divco truck and delivering milk on Saturdays and during the summer.

Collecting Hay Carriers and Cast Iron Seats

By Sara Jordan-Heintz

Texas man reconnects with the past, builds lasting friendships through collecting hay carriers and other old iron.

Chain Links to the Past

By Ted "Dutch" deHaan

Restorers face a challenge in the quest for replacements of early detachable-link chain, which has not been manufactured for many years.

Giant Fertilizer Distributor Makes a Comeback

Wayne A. Beggs

A reader shares a Giant fertilizer distributor he bought at an auction and repainted.