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Hail the Champion!

By the Farm Collector staff

This chromolithograph from harvesting machinery manufacturer Champion Machine Works advertised “The Champion” combined reaper and mower.

Rise of the American Windmill

By Sam Moore

Tracking the technological advances that made way for the American windmill in the 19th century.

Introducing "Mr. REO" and His REO Mower Collection

By Dennis Merlau

Ohio man known for his passion for REO mowers and memorabilia.

The Birdsell Clover Thresher

By the Farm Collector staff

This chromolithograph advertised the Monitor Combined clover thresher and separator manufactured by Birdsell.


Recognize This Hay Loader?

By Ryan Stickel

A reader seeks information on a hay loader.

Another Thought on "Screwy" Fence Posts

By Douglas Pripps

A reader shares suggests that temporary fence posts featured in a past article were used during World War I in Europe.

Answer for Mystery Eveners

By Norman Roering

A reader provides information on a set of eveners mentioned in a letter in the January 2016 issue of Farm Collector.

Success with Horse-Drawn Manure Spreader Project

By Dave Goette

A reader shares his McCormick-Deering all-steel horse-drawn manure spreader restoration.