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Another Thought on "Screwy" Fence Posts

By Douglas Pripps

A reader shares suggests that temporary fence posts featured in a past article were used during World War I in Europe.

Answer for Mystery Eveners

By Norman Roering

A reader provides information on a set of eveners mentioned in a letter in the January 2016 issue of Farm Collector.

Success with Horse-Drawn Manure Spreader Project

By Dave Goette

A reader shares his McCormick-Deering all-steel horse-drawn manure spreader restoration.

Signs of the Time: Hal Colliver's Sign Collection

By Leslie C. McManus

Sign collection in Iowa boasts signs of nearly every kind.


Recognize This Machine?

By Ron Waterhouse

A readers seeks help in identifying a machine he thinks might be a garden tractor.

Battling Mother Nature with Snow Removal

By Clell G. Ballard

Because when it comes to snow removal, blowing it away sure beats shoveling it.

The Kemp Manure Spreader

By the Farm Collector staff

This ad promoted the Twentieth Century manure, lime and fertilizer spreader produced by the J.S. Kemp Mfg. Co.

Antique Milking Machines and Other Dairy Collectibles a Hit with Kids

By Milfred Smith

A dairy display featuring milking machines, milk pasteurizers and other dairy-related items drew a lot of attention at the Orange Spectacular in July.