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How About a Wagon Ratchet Unloader?

I am looking for information on an old wagon ratchet unloader. Back in the 1960s, my dad had one that we used to unload wagons when filling silos or picking corn. It connected to, and rotated, a shaft on the back of the wagon that in turn wound cables that were connected to the false front of the wagon. The result was that the false front was pulled to the back of the wagon and ...

Staff | Jul 6, 2021


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Anyone Know the Manufacturer of this Alfalfa Cutter?

I have a cone-shaped alfalfa cutter supposedly manufactured in Texas in the early 1950s. I’d like to identify the manufacturer. The cone-shaped part of the tree is the cutter. Thanks for any information. Christine Akey, Burleson, Texas; phone, (816) 920-1288; email: akeychris@yahoo.com.

Staff | Jul 8, 2021

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