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The Improved Light Harvester

By the Farm Collector staff

This ad for the Improved Light Harvester shows a farmer riding his colorful binder being pulled by a team of horses.

The Twine-Tie Challenge

By Sam Moore

The twine-tie grain binder was not the work of a single inventor, despite popular belief.

Forage Harvester Development Marked by Fits and Starts

By Sam Moore

A Scotch baronet, an agricultural engineering professor and others had a hand in improving the forage harvester.

Horseshoe Tile in New Jersey

By Coles Roberts

A reader recalls horseshoe tile, sometimes called shin tile because it was formed on a person's shin.


Finding a Diamond in the Rough

By Ralph Hurlbert

South Dakota reader finds another IHC sign while pushing dirt with his crawler tractor.

Inquiry About Grain Cradles

By Sam Moore

Farm Collector columnist Sam Moore answers a reader's inquiry about grain cradles.

Looking for Information on a Cattle Waterer

By Leon Osterhaus

A reader seeks help on identifying a cattle waterer that has no markings on it.

Seeking Help with a Wright Chain Hoist

By John Griffin

A reader is looking for information on a Wright 4-ton chain hoist.