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Picnic with the Empire Grain Drill

By the Farm Collector staff

A family spends the afternoon watching the man of the house work the field with his Empire grain drill in this sign from the 1890s.

Head 'em Up; Move 'em Out: Stockyard Memorabilia

By Leslie C. McManus

Stockyard memorabilia collectors group preserves the heritage of the American stockyard.

From Alemite to Zerk: The History of the Grease Fitting

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore gives a lesson on grease fittings, which seemed to be in every piece of machinery, especially before the days of modern bearings.

A Cut Above: The MontaMower

By George Wanamaker

Introduced in 1923, the MontaMower had a unique design and was advertised as being easy enough for a 10-year-old to use.


Evapo-Rust Launches Rust-Block, Rust Inhibitor Spray, into Retail Chain Stores

Press Release

Rust-Block is not only ideal for home and shop use, it's safe for your skin and the environment.

Digging Up Drainage Tile

By Leslie C. McManus

A drainage tile collection tells the important story of the solution to farm drainage problems.

Tackling the Grass Mower Challenge

By Sam Moore

How inventors tried to create the first successful grass mower in the late 19th century.

Pump Jacks Kept the Water Flowing

By Leslie C. McManus

When the wind wasn't blowing, pump jacks were the best answer for large water needs before the days of electricity on the farm.