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The Case of the Mysterious Hog Barn Tank

By Max W. Hamman

Help needed in identifying the purpose of an oval-shaped tank found in a hog barn.

Help Needed with Corn Planter Information

By Milferd Smith

Mysterious 1-row corn planter’s model and color unknown.

Zero-Turn Mower Support Arm

Press Release

DB Mower Industries is now offering an assistive aid for use on most zero-turn mowers.

History Lesson on a Studebaker Truck Dashboard

By Clell G. Ballard

Studebaker truck enthusiast lands a US6 and makes a quirky discovery.


Deering Tractor Ad From Across the Pond

By the Farm Collector staff

This 1930s poster advertised Deering tractors in France.

Model of Efficiency: Aermotor Self-Oiling Windmill

By the Farm Collector staff

Iron Age Ads features a chromolithograph of the Aermotor Self-Oiling Windmill advertisement.

Broken Antique Gear Spends a Century in Supporting Role

By the Farm Collector staff

Alan Easley explains how he came across (and restored) a broken antique gear in his family's old barn.

Scale-Model Case Threshing Machine

By Al Jeske

Al Jeske built a scale-model Case threshing machine and the best part is, it works!