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Broken Antique Gear Spends a Century in Supporting Role

By the Farm Collector staff

Alan Easley explains how he came across (and restored) a broken antique gear in his family's old barn.

Scale-Model Case Threshing Machine

By Al Jeske

Al Jeske built a scale-model Case threshing machine and the best part is, it works!

Balloons in the Air: Promoting the Elward Harvester

By the Farm Collector staff

This chromolithograph poster for the Elward Harvester used text balloons to display the advertiser's message.

Need Leads on Early Sheller

By the Farm Collector staff

A reader seeks information on his recently purchased corn sheller.


Hay Carrier Invention Sparks Hardware Line

By Millicent Ferris

Henry L. Ferris’ hay carrier launches the Starline.

1975 Cub Cadet to Custom Wrecker

By Fred Hendricks

A fleet of custom Cub Cadets totally equipped for every eventuality.

The Patents of John R. Morris

By Ron Baird

Early industrialist John R. Morris tackled everything from tools to barns.

Collecting Stove Nameplates

By Clell G. Ballard

12 reasons to consider collecting stove nameplates.