Antique farm machinery, old farm equipment, vintage farm implements, old farm tools and more.

The True Value of Collecting Old Farm Implements

By Josephine Roberts

Farm implements and tools provide great collecting alternative to old tractors.

The Rise of Adriance, Platt & Co.

By Sam Moore

Adriance, Platt & Co. is a lesser-known farm machinery maker with ties to Minneapolis-Moline.

1924 Fordson Tractor and No. 3 Geiser Keep Family’s Past Alive

By Jacob Freeman

No. 3 Geiser and 1924 Fordson tractor pair remains part of North Carolina family's heritage.

John Harvey’s Collection of Antique Lard Tins

By Leslie C. McManus

Uncommon collection of antique lard tins showcases collector’s admiration for pigs and pork.


Loaders: Throwing It in Reverse

By Jim Lacey

“Making do” on the farm with custom creations, like reversed loaders.

Hay Rake and Hay Press Make One Rare Pair

By Dan. R Manning

Unique hay rake and hay press donated to Fair Grove, Missouri, museum.

Dairy Collectibles on Display

By Leslie C. McManus

Dairy collectibles, horse-drawn equipment and more at Tulare, California, antique farm equipment show.

Farmers Friend Wind Stacker

By Sam Moore

Farmers Friend wind stacker eased the hard job of threshing.