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What Was This Wheel Used For?

By Farm Collector Staff

Wheel collector Denis Schrank is looking for what his wheel was used for.

Is This Grain Grinder a Letz?

By Farm Collector Staff

A reader needs more info on a grain grinder that may be a Letz.

Looking for Road Drag Background

By Farm Collector Staff

What was this road drag used for?

Windmiller’s Memorabilia Lane

By Farm Collector Staff

Jim Lacey’s article on the three-legged tower sent one reader down windmiller’s memorabilia lane.


Rainbow of Antique Mowers

By Leslie C. McManus

Michigan couple’s antique mower collection paints a rainbow.

Corn Picker Makes a Hard Job Easier

By Jim Lacey

The Overby brothers’ corn picker made a hard job much easier.

Peter Henderson Co. Self-Cleaning Lawn Rake

By Farm Collector Staff

Farm Collector readers solve the mystery of this self-cleaning lawn rake.

Information on This Mystery Drive Unit?

By Farm Collector Staff

Reader Eugene McMillan is looking for information on a mystery drive unit.