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Antique Sleds Refurbished with Care

By Leslie C. McManus

Antique sleds provide satisfying sideline for hay tool collector.

Tales of a Three-Legged Tilting Tower

By Jim Lacey

Three-legged tilting tower with Ace windmill trumps contenders.

Who Made This Threshing Machine?

By Farm Collector Staff

North Carolina man is looking for information on a threshing machine from his childhood.

Any Information on Old Equipment From Cincinnati?

By Farm Collector

Looking for leads on an unusual piece of old equipment that is mated with a Fairbanks-Morse engine.


The Challenging Restoration of John Deere Corn Shellers

By Ted “Dutch” deHaan

Antique John Deere corn shellers showcase painstaking craftsmanship.

1934 McCormick-Deering Corn Binder Restored

By Larry Lemmond

Alabama man restores a 1934 McCormick-Deering corn binder and puts it to work.

Early History of John Deere Corn Shellers

By Ted “Dutch” deHaan

John Deere corn shellers show design advancements

Confusion, Then and Now

by Sam Moore

New farming technology continues to baffle older generation of farmers.