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Early Butter Worker is a Local Treasure

By Jim Lacey

Early butter worker at the Little Village Farm Museum helps show butter churn variations.

Beam Outdoors' Elite 21 Awarded Best in Show

Press Release

The Elite 21 fly fishing reel awarded best in show at 2013 ICAST.

Antique Luverne Fire Truck Pride of Town

By Loretta Sorensen

1923 Luverne fire truck is South Dakota town's pride and joy.

Eureka Mower Lithograph All Dressed Up

By Farm Collector

Lithograph promotes center-cut horse-drawn mower from Eureka Mower Co.


Wheel Collection Wonder

by Leslie McManus

Wheel collection shows importance of wheel to the early farmer and crop production.

Man Restores Lost 1922 Ford Truck from His Childhood

By Lewis A. Pearson

Restoration underway now on 1922 Ford truck.

Lawn Care in the Early 20th Century

By George Wanamaker

Lawn care in the early 20th century was accomplished with reel mowers, trencher/edgers and more.

The Invention of the Wheel

By Leslie McManus

The invention of the wheel changed the path of history.