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Thermocure Cooling System Rust Remover and Flush

Press release

Thermocure removes rust scale and deposits from radiators, water pumps, water jackets, engine blocks and heads.

William Otis and the Steam Shovel

By Sam Moore

Related to the famous Elisha Otis, William Otis’ steam shovel was at least as important as his cousin’s invention.

When ‘Wash Day’ and Maytag Were Synonymous

By Clell G. Ballard

Old Maytag washing machines were an integral part of the weekly laundry routine.

Corn Sheller an Important Tool on the Farm

By Renae B. Vander Schaaf

Corn shellers are at the heart of an Iowa man’s old iron collection.


An American Agriculture Collection with Eye Appeal

By Leslie C. McManus

Varied farm relics celebrate a golden era of American agriculture.

Chicken Incubators and the Egg

By Don McKinley

Early chicken incubators and brooders eased work of farm wife’s chore.

Tote Goat Brings Mobility to the Farm

By Clell G. Ballard

Scooter-type trail machines such as the Tote Goat filled a need in rural America in a fun way.

Henry Ford and the Early American Airline Industry

By Sam Moore

Automobile and tractor pioneer was a player to be reckoned with in the American airline industry.