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Piece of Equipment Might Be Grand Detour Plow

By Willard Ottman

A reader thinks a plow in the August 2016 issue might be a Grand Detour plow.

Corn Sheller Turns Up a Long Way From Home

By Alejandro Lima

A Farm Collector article helps identify a corn sheller manufactured in New York.

Anyone Recognize This Manure Spreader?

By Bob Kemmer

A reader seeks information about the origins of his manure spreader.

AC Roto Baler Ahead of its Time

By John Haynes

A reader shares his experience with the AC roto baler, which his dad used.


Vintage Windmill Collection

By Renae B. Vander Schaaf

Minnesota couple's windmill collection is an unusual display of antique windmills.

Advantages of a Hay Stacker

By Darrell Jodock

A reader responds to Clell G. Ballard's article on the hay hook and describes his father's first hydraulic hay stacker.

Double-Huller Clover Is As Perfect As Can Be

By Loretta Sorensen

A No. 4 Victor double-huller clover machine survives in fine original condition.

Restoring a Wooden McCormick-Deering Threshing Machine

By Leslie C. McManus

Friends team up to breathe new life into a 1923 McCormick-Deering threshing machine.