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Farewell to a Great British Icon: The Land Rover

By Josephine Roberts

It was the end of an era when the last Land Rover Defender manufactured in Britain left the factory.

The John Bean Mfg. Co.

By Sam Moore

One major player in the agricultural sprayer business was the John Bean Mfg. Co. of San Jose, California, and Lansing, Michigan.

Looking for Manufacturer of Antique Kit Mower

By Thomas Cummings

This 1940s or ‘50s ear antique mower remains a mystery—it’s most identifying feature is an electric engine.

John Deere 620 Standard Makes Harvesting a Joy

By Ken Havekost

Vintage John Deere equipment keeps the yearly harvest enjoyable for one Michigan farmer.


Southland Flywheelers Bring Van Winkle Cotton Gin Out of Deep Slumber

By Bill Friday

The Southland Flywheeler Antique Tractor & Engine Club in Alabama restores a circa-1880 cotton gin and gets it running on steam power.

Hay Day: Collecting Hay Tools

By Loretta Sorensen

Nebraska man preserves farm practices of the past in his museum devoted to hay tools.

Evolution of the Early Sawmill

By Sam Moore

The early sawmill saw many advancements throughout the centuries.

Appreciating the Hay Hook

By Clell G. Ballard

The hay hook, a simple device, made grueling job easier.