A Bicycle Built for Two

| 2/3/2010 2:06:53 PM

At the turn of the century, the pace of life was much slower.

Bicycle built for two patent illustration
  Patent 588,361: Bicycle built for two patented by Benjamin F. Shurz, Marion, Ohio, Aug. 17, 1897.

Land mass transportation was by railroad trains, inter-urbans, stagecoach and such. There were no automobiles or buses.

Local transportation was limited to walking, horse or horse-and-buggy or bicycle. The bicycle was the most economical and efficient means of individual local transport.

Edward Huber lent a hand here. On Aug. 17, 1897, Benjamin F. Shurz, Marion, Ohio, was awarded a patent (No. 588,361) for his idea for a bicycle-built-for-two. On the application, he assigned a one-third interest to Edward Huber.

Frank Huber, Edward’s son, although employed with Huber’s other enterprises, had a cycle shop in which it is believed the Shurz bicycle was built and from which the cycle was marketed. This enterprise was successful in that it provided for the manufacture and sale of a bicycle built for two.