A Christmas Story

How a tractor saved Christmas in 1938

| December 1999

The following story is recorded in the chronicles of the North Pole.

It was one week before Christmas of 1938, and Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves were frantic with worry. All eight reindeer had come down with a terrible sickness that prevented them from wearing harness of any kind.

Lig, the elf charged with taking care of the reindeer, and of keeping them healthy, was beside himself, for he had no clue as to what was wrong. Lig repeated over and over to Santa, as well as to any of the elves who would listen, “I’ve tried every cure in the free, 97-page veterinary book that I got through the mail, and nothing does any good.”

Santa shook his head, and told poor Lig to keep trying.

Four days before Christmas Eve, Lig reported no improvement in the ailing reindeer, so Santa called an emergency meeting of all the elves, along with Mrs. Claus.

“Friends,” Santa began, “we’ve got a crisis on our hands. It looks as though there will be no way to deliver toys for all the children this year. Should we cancel Christmas?”

Mrs. Claus was aghast.

“In all the hundreds of years I’ve been here, we’ve never canceled Christmas!” she cried. “I won’t let it happen now! Elves, think of something!”