Antique Restoration Tools

Gather this collection of antique restoration tools to keep your collectibles in the best condition and make them shine.

| July 2012

With so many types of antiques and collectibles ripe for discovery and preservation, keeping track of how to restore each item can be a challenge. Keep a set of these antique restoration tools handy, so you won’t waste time hunting for supplies when you want to clean and restore your next big find. This excerpt is taken from Tips, Tools, and Techniques (University of North Texas Press, 2012). 

Antique restoration tools to keep on hand

Acid-free paper and boxes (available from craft stores and library and museum suppliers). Protects photographs, prints, and textiles.

Black light. A device that emits ultraviolet radiation (UV) light and can detect cracks in pottery and glue repairs in paper items.

Brushes. Soft-bristled baby brushes (try saying that quickly!) are great for cleaning the delicate fabric on lampshades. Makeup brushes are great for cleaning Christmas ornaments and dusting delicate items with crevices.

Chalk. Prevents silver from tarnishing.

Chamois. Great for polishing mirrors and glassware, but the cloth will dry stiff as a board. To keep chamois soft, dry them quickly outside in the wind or in front of a fan, or in the dryer on air-dry. They will remain soft and pliable.