Article on Ferguson TE-20 brings back memories

| November 2009

My dad traded for a TE-20 about 50 years ago when I was 12 years old. A 3-bottom plow, small disc and cultivator came with the deal. The plow in Tales from Wales (Farm Collector, September 2009, “The Little Gray Fergie”) looks similar but has additional features that are not clear in the photos.

I spent many hours plowing in the spring on Saturdays and days off from school. The TE-20 would go fast enough with two bottoms to bend a plow point should you hit a stump. My dad slowed me down after about three trips to town to get a plow point straightened at the blacksmith shop.

We used a disc breaker for some “new ground” until my dad decided if I went slow, I could plow it with the Ferguson. I found every stump, which brought the tractor to an immediate stop with me on the steering wheel. The most fun was pulling a rotary hoe in high gear and watching the cloud of dirt go into the air. Thank you for reminding me of another fond memory.

Mike Gunther
Dixon, Mo.

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