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New Children's Book: Little Rumely Man by Beth Douglass Silcox

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Available August 2012

Eight-year-old farm boys like Jack dream big!

Jack spends summer days sitting on the coal box of Pa’s Advance-Rumely Universal steam engine wishing he was big enough to thresh wheat. Soon, pictures in Pa’s tractor book have Jack dreaming of a 16-30 Rumely Oil Pull belted up to an Ideal separator on Pa’s back 40. Before long, Jack comes up with a secret plan to check out a Rumely Oil Pull. With a little mischief and the help of an unexpected friend, Jack learns a lot about his favorite tractor, and becomes a little Rumely man.

Note from the author, Beth Douglass Silcox: This book is written for children grade 3-6 and is based in part on my grandfather, Jack Maple, and his love of Rumely Oil Pulls.

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  • Published on Aug 7, 2012
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