Farm Paper Collectibles

Paper collectibles tell the story of farm history

| February 1999

While attending a farm auction, perhaps you've wondered what attracts serious buyers to any particular box of items. Sometimes it's a single item, but sometimes it may be a stack of old magazines, newspapers, books, manuals, calendars and the like. 

Serious buyers of those collectibles are after what are called "paper items" or just plain "paper." They know that such treasures are full of farm history and know how.

Wally Miller, Creston, Iowa, collects old farm-related paper. Wally – who was raised on a farm, and has worked for an implement dealer – first started collecting machinery-related belt buckles and literature. Now, when not delivering the mail, he attends swap meets, toy shows and steam shows, looking for paper items to buy or trade for.

Anything is of interest to Wally, from old ads to machinery manuals to fliers. The personal contact is a bonus.

"It's fun meeting other people with similar interests," he says. "Every area's a little different, and we discuss paper from things like machinery used for crops. The related crops can be anything from corn to cotton."

Paper collectibles are not only a good investment, they're good teachers.

7/11/2011 9:59:15 AM

I have several items I purhased at an auction that are made from paper or light weight cardboard dated 1943 and sold by sears.All are farm toys. equipment,horses,and several out buildings. DO you know anyone interested as they are for sale? Regards J.P.Sinclair