| May 2004

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    Jason B. HarmonJason B. Harmon

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Nothing makes my job more interesting than my day-to-day contact with the colorful characters who read Farm Collector.

Our readers are kind folks who are always willing to share a story about life on the farm. For example, I recently spoke with Patrick 'Quint' Cusack from Muir, Mich.

The son of Irish immigrants and one of 14 children, the 84-year-old farmer still owns the land his grandfather first tilled in 1856.

'It's important to keep it in the family,' Quint explains.

Unlike many farm families that eventually abandoned the land for urban pursuits, Quint is intimately connected to his family's home stead. He even sleeps in the same room in which he was born.

Quint shared a few tales about his days as a young man helping the threshing crews work the fields around his family farm. He enthusiastically told each story, and remembers details as if the events happened yesterday rather than nearly 80 years ago.