Maxims for Good Health in the 1800s

| 4/18/2012 2:42:35 PM

Antique Drug Store  Sergey Galushko 
Photo courtesy  Sergey Galushko/

This poem appeared in an 1860 ad for the Redding & Bayless drug store in Clarksville, Texas.

Here are Medicines good for all human ills—
Blisters and Plasters, and Powders and Pills,
Tinctures, all made from the purest of Drugs,
And poisons for rats, dogs, roaches and bugs. 

Here are fine fancy Soaps of every grade,
Tooth-Powders and Paste, Ox-Marrow Pomade,
With fifty fine Oils, all good for the hair,
And the genuine Grease of the Bear. 

And as for Perfumes, why, the Ladies all own,
That Redding & Bayless keep the best of Cologne,
The whitest of Powder, that don't hurt the face,
With a little fine Rouge, all right in its place. 

For pimples, and wrinkles, and freckles, and tan,
Nothing has ever been discovered by man
Like that wonderful product of tropical bowers,
The popular 'Balm of a Thousand Flowers.'