How to Remove Rust and Loosen a Rusty Screw

Getting rid of rust can be frustrating. Learn how to remove rust while keeping surfaces free of scratches.

| July 2012

Removing rust requires a careful balance between getting rid of an ugly brown spot and trying to keep a prized possession free of scratches. Learn how to remove rust and how to loosen a rusty screw in this excerpt from Tips, Tools, and Techniques (University of North Texas Press, 2012) by Georgia Kemp Caraway. 

How to remove rust from metal

• Remove small patches of rust with a typewriter eraser. It removes spots and won’t scratch the surface.

How to remove rust from wrought iron

• Remove rust by rubbing with steel wool and kerosene. If very badly rusted, soak the piece in kerosene, then gently rub it with steel wool.

Loosening a rusty screw

• If you don’t have oil, loosen a rusted bolt or screw with a few drops of any carbonated soft drink. The acid in the soda will break up some of the rust.

• Soak a corroded screw or bolt in vinegar for several days or until the rust begins to dissolve.

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