| October 2001

We have three of the mystery tools, and their patent papers, whose pictures appeared in the May, June and August issues of Farm Collector.

The May tool, under the heading 'Unusual piece needs identifying,' is a horse hay fork, patented April 9, 1867; the June tool, titled '1914 tool has collector stumped,' is a rotator for piles of plates in a centrifugal cream separator, patented Dec. 15, 1914. The August tool is a meat tenderer, patented Nov. 1, 1898.

You will notice little similarity between the tool on page 5 of the June issue and the drawing on patent No. 1,120,882, the rotator shown lower right, but they both share the same date, Dec. 15, 1914. We have carefully examined each patent drawing that was issued on Dec. 15, 1914, and I have to believe they are the same. After many years of patent research we have found many times that the item that was sold to the consumer has a small change or complete makeover. Until you yourself have the job of dissassembling and washing a dirty cream separator, the use of this rotator may not be clear. Want you to know that we love your magazine. When it arrives, everything stops and the next two hours are spent looking. Jim Moffet,  patent research hobbiest, Modesto, IL 62667

Editor's note: We regret that the photographs of the meat tenderer and another, unidentified tool, were switched in the 'Letters' column of the August issue.


I am a regular subscriber to Farm Collector magazine and I need some help. I am trying to overhaul a hand-powered water pump. It was made by Ward-Love Pump Corp., Rockford, III.

I need two cupped leathers for the piston. The inside bore is 5.090 inches. This pump was used on a water wagon back in steam engine days.