More Songs of the Lazy Farmer

| 4/10/2013 12:48:12 PM

Here are some more Lazy Farmer rhymes from my collection. Enjoy.

Lazy Farmer Rain 

6 February, 1954  

Mirandy once was fond of pets, but with each passing year she gets less patient with the mischief that comes nat’ral to a dog or cat. For instance, Fido used to be okay with her as well as me; but now a harmless little trick will make her grab her broom or stick and use a thousand words to say the pooch must go without delay. The poor mutt might do nothing more than scatter knitting on the floor or barely get a snarling start at pulling her rag rug apart before she’s screaming into sight demanding that he be shot tonight.

There’s no use arguing, of course, I’d only be unheard and hoarse; so I just nod my head and smile and send the dog to hide awhile; Mirandy soon calms down and then the pup can show his head again. But even if she stayed irate, I’d never follow her mandate; why, Fido is this man’s best friend, he’ll stay right here until the end. That hound’s the only person here from whom I never need to fear a sassy word or plaintive guff about how I don’t work enough; he’s treated me, throughout his life, much kindlier than has my wife.  

18 October, 1952