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First Things: Introducing a monthly cartoon by Bob Artley

For those readers who’ve wondered if it’s possible for Farm Collector to be even more entertaining and informative, rest assured that the new year will be better than ever.

First, readers will notice the introduction of a new monthly cartoon penned by famed farm artist Bob Artley. He’s made a name for himself as a cartoonist since he first put pencil to paper for the Des Moines Tribune decades ago. He’s also published several collections of farm-related cartoons, including Memories of a Former Kid and Seasons on the Farm.

Far from a mere humorist, Bob incorporates memories from his own childhood on an Iowa farm into each drawing – scenes that Bob captures with unique insight because those experiences obviously meant so much to him as a farm boy before World War II.

They’re funny, they’re well drawn, and most of all, Bob’s cartoons will help bring back memories that readers cherish about their own days of bucking bales, milking cows and planting crops.

Also, readers who peruse every inch of the magazine each month, from classifieds to printing credits, will notice that Scott Hollis, our dedicated editorial assistant, is now an assistant editor. That means he’ll continue to bring you the same quality stories that he’s written since January 2002, but his skills as a wordsmith will be coupled with his eagle eye for detail to ensure the magazine maintains its standard of excellence that you’ve come to expect after five years of Farm Collector.

Look for Scott at a farm show this summer, and be sure to tell him all about your favorite old tractor or other farm collectibles that our readers would love to hear about.

Stories in 2004 will include the 200th birthday of John Deere, an amazing Alis-Chalmers museum, garden tractor restoration and collecting, and much more. Even though changes are inevitable with each new year, you can always count on Farm Collector to continue bringing you the most detailed information each month about everything from hay carriers to hog oilers, calf weaners to corn shellers.

As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Luckily, Farm Collector is no different.

Jason B. Harmon, Editor

  • Published on Jan 1, 2004
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