Ohio in 1858

| 10/4/2010 2:32:45 PM

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 I have an issue of the The Ohio Farmer newspaper from Aug. 14, 1858, in which are some interesting tidbits.

“Mr. James Hall, of Portage County, sold recently 100 mutton sheep for the sum of $800.”

“G.C. Beardsley, of Trumbull county, has sent us a sample of wool from a Spanish buck that he purchased in Vermont. He writes, ‘the fleece weighed in the dirt, 12 pounds; washed, 10 pounds.’”

“The New York State Agricultural Society is offering a $250 premium for a machine that will plow satisfactorily by steam power. One application has been received.”

“Accident - On July 29, Mr. John Bratton, while mowing on the farm of H.C. Belden, in Howland, incautiously stepped in front of the mowing machine, and his leg was cut off just above the ankle. Mr. Bratton is a very industrious, steady young man, and his misfortune is to be regretted.”

“Dr. M.L. Wright, of Cleveland, advertises his newly patented porcelain false teeth, which he claims are held in place “without the aid of Metallic Plates, Clasps, or Springs.”