One Lucky Lessmann

| November 2005

When Don Retzlaff saw a Lessmann Mfg. Co. Model H-5 Power Shovel at the salvage yard, he jumped at the chance to buy it. 'It looked like nothing I had ever seen before, but I recognized all of the Ford truck parts,' Don says. 'I love old Fords, so I was pretty sure I could make it useful again.' He had it hauled to his Upper Marlboro, Md., home, and after getting a coat of Ford blue paint, the Lessmann is as unusual as it is functional.

5/12/2009 1:38:02 PM

I have a Lessmann tractor that I recently bought. It is certainly unique. It's about 1950-1952 but I am looking for any information about it that I can find. parts, manuals...please forward any info on these tractors