Pain at the Pumps: Historic Jokes About High Gas Prices

| 4/5/2012 12:26:24 PM

Gas Prices 
Photo courtesy of hc/ Fotolia

These days everyone is up in arms about gasoline prices, and I can understand why. The other day I filled up my truck on the way to a plow day and the pump shut me off at $100 and then I put an additional $35 worth in the tractor. An expensive day – but it was fun.

            The other day someone sent me some jokes about the situation:

            A guy puts his credit card in a fuel pump which asks for the make, model and year of his car, as well as his annual salary. After a brief wait, the message came back: “Your loan has been approved. You may fill up.”

            Another showed two bums sitting on a park bench and one says: “I had it all…nice wife, a house in the ‘burbs, a luxury car…and then I went to the gas station for a fill-up.”

            Another cartoon shows a gas pump with a banner that reads: “Spend your tax refund here!!”