Recalling Cornhusking’s Glory Days

| May 2009

  • Clifford Campbell and corn husking pennant
    Clifford V. Campbell with the National Corn Husking Contest pennant from Nov. 3, 1939.
    Courtesy Clifford V. Campbell

  • Clifford Campbell and corn husking pennant

In one of your summer issues, you had an article about a collection of items used when corn was shucked by hand. It reminded me that when I was 18, in 1939, my family loaded up in my folks’ car and drove to Lawrence, Kan. My dad and his brother were considered some of the better corn shuckers of this area, so they wanted to see what the national champions looked like when they were doing their thing. Over the years I ended up with the evidence that we indeed were there. Now I’m almost 88. As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.”

Clifford V. Campbell
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