Show Stoppers

Farm Collector readers share their favorite views of the 2008 show season

| February 2009

Iron and irony exist in equal measure in this year's edition of the annual Show Photo issue. Iron, of course, is a big part of the make-up of much of the subject material. And irony? More than half of these photos of antiquated farm equipment were taken with digital cameras.

For more than a century, of course, we fed our cameras a steady diet of film. In the context of these photos, that fact contains a bit of irony as well: A critical component of film - a purified version of edible gelatin made from animal hides and bones - generated farm and ranch income. Today, of course, the digital camera has taken over.

Today amateur photographers happily fill cards with digital images. The camera spits out a piece of plastic scarcely bigger than a 50-cent piece; next thing you know an image appears on the computer screen. Press another key and the image flies across the country to Uncle Bob's computer through, as the magician used to say, "thin air."

Much changes; much does not. Our heads are left spinning by the rapid advance of technology. But the magic of the photograph not only endures, it triumphs, really. All this newfangled technology, after all, exists to elevate the lowly photo, not replace it. What else can capture a scene with such immediacy or communicate an emotion so vividly? Take some time to savor these seven pages of photos of the 2008 show season and relive the magic!

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