The 1910 junior Monarch hay press at a glance

| August 2004

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    The rebuilt Junior Monarch dump

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Weight: Press box, 4,580 pounds; horse power unit, 3,350 pounds.

Bale size: 19-by-27-by-44 inches weighing 200 to 300 pounds or more.

Wire: Five per bale, 96 inches long including a pre-formed eye. 

1906 catalog price: Basic rig, $550; with all options, $730.

Custom baling crew: Seven or eight men, plus a cook.

Horse/mule power required: For the press - eight to 12 horses working two at a time at a trot or faster for 20 bales (about 40 minutes) stopping only on the fifth charge, while wires were tied and the bale removed, then resting until their turn repeats.