The Lazy Farmer

| 5/16/2011 11:43:12 AM

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Sam Moore 
I have an extensive collection of old farm periodicals and a recurring theme on the humor pages is the busy, hard working farm wife and her lazy, ne'er do well husband.

In the December 1926 issue of Farm Life, a monthly magazine published in Spencer, Indiana, by Farm Life Publishing, appeared the following so-called "Letter to the Editor."


Dear Editor,

"Wunst more I'm tellin' you—" it were the wife of my bosom speakin' to me acrost my breakfast pancakes and 'lasses—"I want those plants of mine took to the cellar, where they won't freeze in this cold and drafty old house. I declare you're enough to wear out the patience of a wooden injun. Everything I want done, I haft'a talk and talk—"

"And talk and talk and talk," I completes, puttin' my hat on the table, which always makes Marthy furious mad. And shovin' back my chair I sauntered out the door.