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Vintage Snowmobile Mania

At the peak of snowmobile manufacture, companies marketed
machines and anything and everything to go with them. Ski Whiz made
the Sno Cruiser, a sled pulled behind the snowmobile known as the
“Skiboose.” Produced in the early 1970s, the rig is a rare sight
today, as many were put to work on farms as wood sleds after their
life on the trails ended. Whiz-N-Day 2005 boasted three Skibooses,
including one completely restored by collector and event organizer
Joe Poncelet.

The Bellechester, Minn., show also featured an exhibit of Massey
Ferguson/Ski Whiz memorabilia. Items displayed included owner’s
manuals, brochures, books and signs, patches, parts and decals.
Among Joe’s treasures: an original sled cover. He also recalled
that Ski Whiz protective goggles and boots were originally
available with the purchase of a new machine. An entire box of
collectible matchbooks with the Ski Whiz sled on the cover was
handed out to 2005 Whiz-N-Day participants. Those present also got
a close look at the Ski Whiz clothing line, including snowmobile
suits, sweaters, caps, mittens and helmets on display in the
Bellechester Community Center.

The hall also served as a gathering spot for fellowship and
refreshments. Tables were decorated with buckets of yellow-tinted
snowballs (crafted from cotton balls) and yellow snowmen. Chili was
accompanied by cookies frosted with favorite Ski Whiz model numbers
on top. Baked goods were in plentiful supply: “Best of Show” was
likely the Ski Whiz-shaped cake crafted by Lavonne Holton and her
neighbor. Complete with heart-shaped gem headlights, the
masterpiece arrived in one piece after being driven in from
Merrill, Iowa.

  • Published on Feb 1, 2006
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