Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more

Women and Tractors on the Farm

By Clell G. Ballard

Farm wives were quick to realize the benefits of new technology that alleviated some of the hard work, worry and fatigue on their husbands and work stock.

The Hutchinson Sale Barn

By Milferd Smith

Remembering the Hutchinson, Minnesota, sale barn, which was an important part of the local economy.

Like Clockwork on Wash Day

By Jim Glascock

A reader shares his wash day childhood memories.

Taking Pride in Farm Work

By Donald E. McBride

A reader shares memories of working on the farm during his childhood and teenage years.


Life Upon the Railway, by a Conductor

By Sam Moore

A railway conductor's account of the heroic deeds of a widow and her two children that prevented a train from certain disaster.

Necessity is the Mother … Again

By Richard Stout

A reader shares a postcard showing ingenuity in the field.

Remembering the Challenges of Plowing in the 1940's

By Delbert Trew

Delbert Trew recalls plowing in his youth without expensive equipment or modern farming technology.

Looking at Rural Life a Century Ago in Great Britain

By Josephine Roberts

A hundred years ago the first world war changed life in rural Great Britain with women being sent to the fields and horses sent to the battlefields.