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Incompetent Repairmen

By Sam Moore

An article from 1915 shows us that incompetent automobile repairmen are nothing new and in some cases much more expensive.

What Do You Call It?

By Sam Moore

One of the earliest problems of writing about horseless motor wagons was what to call them!

Out of the Blue: Rare International Harvester Porcelain Sign

By the Farm Collector staff

An International Harvester porcelain sign is a reminder of the connection between farmer and hardware store.

Farm Implement Business Manufactured Wayne School Buses

By Sam Moore

The company behind Wayne school buses had a history firmly rooted in farm implements and equipment.


Billiken, the God of Motor Cars

By Sam Moore

The Billiken, a fanciful, pixie-like creature that appeared in an artist's dream, was used as a radiator ornament to prevent automobile mishaps.

The Storied History of the Massey-Harris Co.

By the Farm Collector staff

This illustration from a Massey-Harris Co. calendar shows farmers working with horse-drawn grain binders and other farm equipment.

Porcelain Stoves

By Clell G. Ballard

Considered a major leap forward in housekeeping, porcelain stoves made it much easier to keep the kitchen clean and helped brighten the room.

Saving a Coal Shed and Piece of History

By Alan Easley

Alan Easley attempts to salvage an old coal shed built in 1875 on his family’s property.