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Saving a Coal Shed and Piece of History

By Alan Easley

Alan Easley attempts to salvage an old coal shed built in 1875 on his family’s property.

The Storied History of the Massey-Harris Co.

By the Farm Collector staff

This illustration from a Massey-Harris Co. calendar shows farmers working with horse-drawn grain binders and other farm equipment.

Porcelain Stoves

By Clell G. Ballard

Considered a major leap forward in housekeeping, porcelain stoves made it much easier to keep the kitchen clean and helped brighten the room.

Getting a Dairy Farm Through Drought and the Great Depression

By Clyde Eide

A northern Illinois dairy farm survives all that Mother Nature and a shattered economy could throw at it.


The Art of the Deal: Getting a Good Trade

By Delbert Trew

Tales of pursuing good trades can be humorous and entertaining.

Column Prompts Flood of Fond Memories of an Almost-Whizzer

By Mike Medora

A reader reminisces about the Whizzer motor bike that he never really had.

Wash Day

By Sam Moore

Learn about "Washing Day" and what doing laundry was like before Clorox and dryer sheets.

Old Truck Reveals Its History

By Clell G. Ballard

A dilapidated old truck had a rough life and had plenty to show for it.