Farm Life

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The Way Things Were

By Sam Moore

An account of the old horse powers used before tractors or steam engines.

Quick, Go for the Doctor!

By Sam Moore

Medicine in the days of the early pioneers was an inexpensive but sometimes agonizing affair.

Those Were the Days

By Sam Moore

Read second-hand accounts of the good old days through a letter sent to Implement and Tractor.

The Day the Well Exploded: The Aftermath of a Gas Tank Leak

By Richard Stout

An Iowa farmer recalls the devastation on his family's property caused by a leaking gas tank.


Farmers and Predicting the Weather

By Sam Moore

Before meteorologists and the Internet, farmers had to rely on other means to predict the weather.

Dairy Farm Lessons

By Raymond Glassman

A boy from the Bronx recalls a summer working on a dairy farm and what he learned.

Building a Hot Rod Tractor

By Terry Kroske

Restorer breaks the rules and ends up with a crowd-pleasing hot rod tractor.

Meadow Green Oliver 880s

By the Farm Collector staff

Reader has not one, but two Oliver 880 tractors.