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Jeremiah M. Rusk's Ag Prediction from 1893

Sam Moore

Jeremiah M. Rusk of Wisconsin was Secretary of Agriculture in President Benjamin Harrison's cabinet. As his term ended in 1893, Rusk took a look at what he expected the state of farming to be 100 years hence.

Michigan Railroads in the Gilded Age

By Graydon Meints

The history of Michigan railroads is not complete without mention of the massive wealth and power gained during the Gilded Age.

At the Livery Barn

By Sam Moore

The livery barn was the place to be in 1899.

Finding Gold Ain’t All Good

By Sam Moore

I recently came across a story in an old American Thresherman magazine titled Gold Ruined This Thresherman, about Captain John A. Sutter, owner of Sutter’s Mill where gold was found on January 24, 1848, triggering the California gold rush.


Old Outbuildings Hold Real Treasures

By Clell Ballard

Rural America’s outbuildings reveal many treasures, like a 1937 Fiat.

A Lifetime Collection of Old Ads

By Fred Hendricks

Greenwich, Ohio, collector builds lifetime collection of old ads for tractors and farm machinery.

Punkin' Pie

Sam Moore

From the September 24, 1938, issue of the Michigan Farmer in the author’s collection.

The Story of a Bad Boy

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore relives his childhood maltreatment of his family's Ford Ferguson.