Farm Life

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Remembering the Challenges of Plowing in the 1940's

By Delbert Trew

Delbert Trew recalls plowing in his youth without expensive equipment or modern farming technology.

Looking at Rural Life a Century Ago in Great Britain

By Josephine Roberts

A hundred years ago the first world war changed life in rural Great Britain with women being sent to the fields and horses sent to the battlefields.

Working with Steers

By Sam Moore

An author describes what farming with steers was like in the 1800s, and what a nuisance heel flies were to the animals and those working with them.

New Case Car Owner Short on Two Counts

By Daniel W. Lang

A reader shares a story about a relative missing what it took to get his Case car going again.


Ad Gives Nod to Gilbert and Sullivan

By Clyde Eide

A reader gives insight into the origin of the music used in an Aultman & Taylor advertisement.

Daily Driver: Divco Milk Truck

By Clell G. Ballard

Divco was the standard for decades in daily residential milk deliveries.

Goin' Courting

By Sam Moore

With springtime here, we take a look back on the art of courting.

The Cheerful Plowman

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares a short story of a buggy accident from 1925 and the lessons learned from not tending to repairs.