Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more

Putting Up Hay

By Clell G. Ballard

Farm terminology kept pace with changes in farm practices.

No Sparing of the Razor Strop

By Delbert Trew

The razor strop helped deter orneryness and disobedience at the Trew house.

A John Deere Model H Tractor’s Role in World War II

By Kevin Titus

A John Deere Model H served as both a farm tractor and personal transportation for an aircraft spotter during war.

Remembering 1960s Corn Dryers and Shellers

By Milferd Smith

A reader shares memories of corn dryers and shellers before the days of farm-shelled dryers.


Deadly Day: Boiler Explosion on the Farm

By Harvey Dinkens

Boiler explosion killed three and injured another in a 1937 incident.

Old-Time Threshing

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares a couple of stories of old-time threshing.

Fitting the Pieces Together

By Keith Perron

Iowa man re-creates unique show display featuring wood puzzles from his childhood.

Hatchery Business in the Late 1920s

By Jim Glascock

A reader shares a photo of his grandparents’ chicken hatchery in Indiana from about 90 years ago.