Farm Life

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Dust Bowl Broadcast: Harvesting the High Plains

By Jerry Schleicher

Harvesting the High Plains tells the story of man vs. nature in the Dust Bowl years

A Day in the Life of a Country Postmistress

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares an excerpt from the memoirs of Erma Dickey Wonstetler, a small-town postmistress in the early 20th century.

The Tale of the Piasa Bird

By Sam Moore

The legend of the Piasa bird, which was believed to devour men. 

Signs of Spring in Nebraska

Edited By Amy Glaser, Selection By Roger Welsch

The first signs of spring in Nebraska are often difficult to discern — even to the watchful, experienced eye.


James Reeside: Stage Coach Colonel

By Sam Moore

James Reeside, an early government mail contractor, worked the system

Early Travel Around the Country Proved Difficult

By Sam Moore

Travel around the country was much more difficult before the interstate highway system.

Making Silverware in the Good Old Days

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares an excerpt from Penny Magazine about making forks and other silverware in 1844.

Homilies from the Song of the Lazy Farmer

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares excerpts from the Song of the Lazy Farmer, extolling the virtues of home-cooked food on the farm.