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Goin' to the County Fair

by Sam Moore

When Sam Moore was a kid on a western Pennsylvania farm during the 1940s, the highlight of every summer (apart from threshing time and being out of school) was going to the Canfield Fair on Labor Day weekend.

Husking Corn with Dad

By John M. Gaul

Husking corn by hand provided opportunities for father and son to bond

Ploughing with the War Ag: Sam Pennal and His Caterpillar D2

By Josephine Roberts

North Wales man’s contribution to a struggling England during World War II was ploughing with a Caterpillar D2 with the War Ag.

Plucking Feathers: A Foul Job

By Sam Moore

Early mechanized devices tackled mess of plucking feathers


New Children's Book: Little Rumely Man by Beth Douglass Silcox

Press Release

A new children's book by Beth Douglass Silcox tells the story of Jack, a young boy who dreams of helping with the farm chores on his father's Rumely Oil Pull.

Childhood Memories: Delco Light Plants and School in the 1940s

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares childhood memories of Delco light plants, coal stoves and going to school in the 1940s.

Snake Stories: Little Snake, Big Problems

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares snake stories from the farm.

Antique Restoration Tools

By Georgia Kemp Caraway

Gather this collection of antique restoration tools to keep your collectibles in the best condition and make them shine.