Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more

Old Memo Books Make Digital Transition

By Beth Beavers

Collection of farm memo books comes to life in digital archive

Early Canning Required Resourcefulness

By Delbert Trew

Early canning utilized fruit jars and National pressure cookers.

Rural Mail Carrier Converts Ford for Winter Roads

By Clell G. Ballard

Rural mail carriers faced unique challenges during long winters in deep snow on rugged terrain.   

Tips, Tricks, Advice and Ads from Sixty Years Ago

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares a glimpse into daily life and media in 1952.


Memories of Searching for Real Christmas Trees

By Clell G. Ballard

Holidays marked by quest to find the perfect real Christmas trees

A Passion for the Past

By Josephine Roberts

Josephine Roberts examines the human fascination with yesteryear and her own passion for the past

Family Soldiers in the War of 1812

by Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares family stories and historical records of two of his (multiple great-) grandfathers, who acted as soldiers in the War of 1812.

Help Heartland Acres Celebrate the 100th Birthday of the 1912 Ford Brass C Model T

Press Release

Were you born in October? Heartland Acres will help you celebrate your birthday by giving you half price museum admission for visiting them in October as part of their celebration of 100th birthday of the two 1912 Ford Brass C Model T automobiles in their car museum.