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Shipping Cattle on Ocean Steamships

By Sam Moore

The practice of shipping cattle across the ocean was not easy and could be outright dangerous.

Remembering Thrashin Day

By Robert Pripps

Threshing was hard work, to be sure – but also offered the pleasure of neighborly camaraderie.

Farm Heritage Comes in Many Forms

By Josephine Roberts

Josephine Roberts reminds us that it’s important for us to preserve all aspects of rural history.

Harvest Photo Opens Window onto the Past

By Donald W. Hay

A reader shares a photo showing how labor-intensive harvesting was long ago.


The Jolly Thresherman

By the Farm Collector staff

A piece named “The Jolly Thresherman” served as a commercial for the Aultman & Taylor Machinery Company in the 1880s.

Leafing Through an Old Farm Magazine

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore provides another glimpse into the past through a December 1946 issue of Farm Journal magazine.

Steam Plowing on the Western Prairies

By Sam Moore

Around the turn of the century, steam traction engines were an impressive and more common sight across the West.

Tracking Essentials with Ledger Books

By Delbert Trew

Taking a glimpse into the past through a Panhandle farmer’s ledger book.