Farm Life

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Plowing for the Record in Albert City

By Loretta Sorensen

Enthusiasts work together to set new world records for horse plowing.

Four Legs to Four Wheels

By Lewis Pearson

After 75 years, an Iowa man is back at the wheel of his 1922 Model T.

Tractor Plowing 101

By Robert N. Pripps

Good tractor plowing remains the key to good farming.

Military Equipment Maintenance During World War II

By Sam Moore

The problem of finding skilled mechanics to fix military equipment during the war was solved by turning to nearly every major manufacturer.


Riding in a New-Fangled Flying Machine

By Sam Moore

A reporter from the London Times is invited to ride in an Farman biplane.

Mail-Order Catalogs

By Sam Moore

To rural residents, mail-order catalogs represented an easy and relatively inexpensive way to bring products to the farm.

Preserving the Past

By Clyde Eide

A reader helps us preserve the memory of the period between the family farm and corporate farm.

Lazy Farmer Rhymes for Thanksgiving

By Sam Moore

What would the Lazy Farmer think of how women dress today?