Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more

Feeding Hogs in Kentucky

By John Haynes

A reader describes what feeding hogs was like during his childhood.

Fixing Barbed Wire Fences

By Clell G. Ballard

Farm crew got up close and personal with nature while tackling barbed wire fence repairs.

Agricultural Progress

By Sam Moore

What would Sir Frederick Bramwell, a 19th century engineer, think of modern farming technology such as autonomous tractors?

Montgomery Ward Checks Tell Story of a Different Era

By Donald C. Ober

A reader shares old checks he still has from Montgomery Ward.


Harvesting Oats the Old-Fashioned Way

By Dan R. Manning

The traditional way of harvesting oats was a strenuous, labor-intensive process.

Over the Back Fence

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore shares some tongue-in-cheek stories and poems from old farm books and magazines.

A Night to Remember: Straw Pile Fire

By Clyde Eide

A straw pile fire sparked by a lightning strike threatens a farm family's barn.

1938 Fiat Emerges for Second Time in 64 Years

By Clell G. Ballard

A little 1938 Fiat sees the light of day again after being stashed away in 1990.