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Portable Blacksmith Shop Brings Old Trade to Shows

By Larry F. Whitesell

A mobile blacksmith shop made from parts from a hog-moving trailer and lumber from an old barn helps preserve an old craft at a nearby show.

Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogs Brought Marketplace to American Farmsteads

By George Wanamaker

Early retailer focused on rural residents by mailing Montgomery Ward catalogs, which offered thousands of items.

The Origins of the Quaker Oats Co.

By Sam Moore

The story of Ferdinand Schumacher, also known as The Oatmeal King, and the Quaker Oats Co.

Riding with Dad on a Farmall Model H

By Lloyd Munson

Lloyd Munson reminisces about a tractor seat made for him by his late father that allowed him to ride on the family's Farmall Model H.


Rebuttal Against the Horseless Carriage

By Sam Moore

A dedicated horseman writes that horseless carriages may be nothing more than a fad.

A Chappie Tries the New Horseless Carriage

By Sam Moore

Account of a rich, young New York man's first ride in a "horseless carriage."

John Deere History

By Sam Moore

Amaze your friends with knowledge of all 12 of the Deere & Company factories in 1940.

Rural Courtship with a Model A Ford

By Clell G. Ballard

Using a Model A Ford to spend more time away from the parents and more time with a young lady.