Farm Life

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Every Picture Tells a Story

By Thomas Cummings

A reader needs information on some old photographs he found.

Lost Farm Occupations

By Clyde Eide

Several farm-related occupations, such as rope splicer and bovine midwife, have disappeared in the past few decades.

Smut is Good for You

By Sam Moore

Wait, corn smut actually has positive benefits? Who would have thought? Sam Moore fills us in.

When Plowshares Built Swords: Scrap Drives During World War II

By Bill Vossler

Scrap drives during the early 1940s emptied barns and fields across the country, for better or for worse.


Old Farm Vehicles: Wheels of the Past Reclaimed

By Clell G. Ballard

Reconnecting through one's youth through the old farm vehicles used decades ago.

Another Taste of the Lazy Farmer

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore indulges us in more Lazy Farmer rhymes related to the autumn season.

The Deere & Webber Company

By Sam Moore

The history of the Deere & Webber Company.

Antique Farm Equipment Treasures on a Wisconsin Farm

By Larry Scheckel

Don and Dolores Raspiller have amassed quite a collection of antique farm equipment over the decades.